SolarSolar Thermal Heating Collector Frugal DIY Project

Solar Thermal Heating Collector Frugal DIY Project

Solar Thermal Heating Collector Frugal DIY Project is basically aluminum soda pop cans spray painted black to absorb the sun’s ray more effective. The soda pop cans have holes at the top and bottom so an airway path between soda pop cans is free flowing and can be pushed out with a fan once the air in heated. The clear plastic box enclosure contains the heat, keeps everything alinned all while letting the sun’s warming rays frugal create heat.

Solar Thermal Heating Collector Frugal DIY Project

Many people underestimate the power of solar energy. Not only can it be used to help heat your home and keep electric costs low, it can even run your hot water heater. This is one of the best types of energy, it is green and you can even build your own solar thermal collector.

However, a lot of research is recommended before building your first solar thermal collector.

So why choose a solar thermal collector?

Where do I put a solar thermal collector?

Where and how do I build a solar thermal collector?

These are all great questions and many people ask about them.

You should choose solar power because it saves you money, helps reduce your dependency on public ultilties and it is good for our planet. There is always an unlimited amount of energy to be harvested as well. The sun is almost always shining. Solar thermal is also more reliable and efficient than any other heat source available to you.

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Melissa Francis
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