Emergency PreparednessSpare Pants Emergency Paracord Backpack Preparedness Project

Spare Pants Emergency Paracord Backpack Preparedness Project

This Spare Pants Emergency Paracord Backpack Preparedness Project is all about using what you have to help carry your essential supplies to get you to safety.

Spare Pants Emergency Paracord Backpack Preparedness Project - The Homestead Survival

This emergency preparedness project is for the outdoors person who loves to go out on the hike at any time. Sometimes, when driving along the mountain roads, people come along a trail and want to explore it. You go down for a lengthy hike and you still need your water bottle, jacket, and snacks. This backpack is made from two things: a pair of pants and a parachute cord. That seems odd that a pair of pants and some string could do the trick, but it’s actually quite simple to do.

First, the cord should be cut into 3 pieces, 2 at a foot long and the third piece to three feet. Tie each pant leg from the bottom three inches from the hem tightly. Grab the two-leg pants and tie with the belt loop as well tightly. Next, get the longest cord and put it through the belt loops to act as your drawstring closing the pack. Use smaller, soft things to fill in the pant legs and your water bottle, gloves cell phone, pocket knife, flashlight, and other necessary things can be easily carried in the pockets.

Get spare pants, like cargo pants, to have more pockets. This is your newly made daypack for an afternoon of hiking.

It is ironic that, while keeping a spare change of clothes with you, it is located in a bag made out of pants. But this is part of the do it yourself creativity of thinking outside the box and using what you have in a re-purposed manner.

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