PetsSpill Proof Dog Water or Food Bowl DIY Project

Spill Proof Dog Water or Food Bowl DIY Project

This step by step tutorial of how to make a spill proof dog water or food bowl diy project is simple and inexpensive for any homesteader.

Spill Proof Dog Water or Food Bowl DIY Project

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Are old tires creating an eyesore on your property? Are you getting really tired of picking up your dog’s overturned food and water bowls every day?

Then we’ve got the perfect solution. With this project, you can add some curb appeal to your yard while preventing your over-excited pup from spilling his water or food hither and yon.

What You’ll Need:

• a used tire

• a galvanized pail or water bowl that fits the inner tire

• leftover outdoor paint (optional)

• a paint brush (optional)


• about an hour total work time

• allow 3-5 hours of dry time for paint

1. To do this simple project, rinse the tire to clear any dirt or debris and to make sure there are no pests living inside.

2. Once the tire is clean and dry, use some leftover exterior paint to cover the tire in a sold color. You can also add your pet’s name to the outside, or decorate it with your own design. Allow the paint to fully dry and set for several hours or overnight.

3. After that’s done, take the galvanized pail and fit it snugly inside the tire ring. That’s it!

If you have multiple dogs, you can use several of these tip-proof bowls to create a line of matching accents across your property. You could also use the same principle to create food and water dishes for other livestock such as sheep. It’s a great way to tidy up the homestead and make the chores a little bit lighter.

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Melissa Francis
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