WaterSpring Water Seep Collection from Underground Aquifer Project

Spring Water Seep Collection from Underground Aquifer Project

This Spring Water Seep Collection from Underground Aquifer Project is a great way for off the grid homesteaders to bring up and access the water from their land.

Spring Water Seep Collection from Underground Aquifer Project

Water is life. Clean, potable fresh water is very precious. If you have a spring or perhaps a ground that’s constantly wet within your property, here’s an awesome way to collect spring water that seeps from the ground which you can use for your farm, garden or house.

Here’s a list of the basic equipment and materials you’ll need:


Pick mattock

Buckets and Pails

#57 Gravel

Plastic Sheeting

2×4 piece of ¼ inches thick plastic

1” PVC pipe

1” Uniseal gaskets with 1& ¾” hole saw

Level – 4ft long

Plastic Barrel/Box

Screen and hose clamps

Water Testing Kits

Advil (because hard back breaking work is going to be involved)


1. Dig out the Seep
Dig the seep until you come up to a stable clay bottom. This takes lots of persistence and determination. If the ground is too soft, you will need to do hand digging.

2. Dig out Discharge Trench

3. Encourage Water Flow
Remove soggy mud and soil surrounding the water veins to encourage generous water flow.

4. Construct Headwall and Collection Piping
For your headwall, you’ll need a sturdy plastic piece which will suit the dimensions of your site. Add two 1” Uniseal gaskets for outflow pipes.

5. Add Gravel and Plastic

6. See the Water Flowing!

7. Cover up Spring. Make sure not to displace plastic cover.

8. Spring water may not always be safe and clean. Use water testing kits to test water for its minerals, pH, bacteria and other contaminants contents.

9. Install Access Pipe.

10. Add a Spring Box which serves as a basin where the sediments and impurities can settle down in the bottom.

11. Finish laying overflow pipes.

12. Fill in trenches and the landscape

Click here to read about Spring Water Seep Collection from Underground Aquifer Project:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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