WoodStack Firewood To Dry Season Homesteading Project

Stack Firewood To Dry Season Homesteading Project

Stack Firewood To Dry Season Homesteading Project is essential knowledge if you plan to heat your home with a wood stove or cook your food with a wood fired cook stove.

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For those who like to make a campfire right outside your home, it is essential to have good firewood nicely stacked and dry. You want it to last a long time and safe from the elements that can ruin it. It’s easy to split in half; but it’s how you preserve it that allows you grab a piece any time you want.

First, pick a good place outside to stack the firewood and position them that does not put them at risk to be blown off. Get a spot that has sunshine. Then, put down some 2x4s to set a base and keep off the moisture from getting in the wood. Now, you can start stacking your firewood. Start at one end and lay down two-four pieces at a time parallel, then perpendicular. Do so until you make it six levels high.

Go to the other end of the base and repeat the process. The two will hold the base intact and support the firewood being stacked in between. When you do stack them, do it in a way that allows the air to flow through, keeping it dry. Don’t keep it tight. Keep on stacking all the way to the top and cover it all with a tarp as shield from the rain. You can also use poles or other long, sturdy pieces of plywood to prevent the firewood from falling over.

At any time, collect your wood to start a fire.

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Melissa Francis
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