DIY ProjectsStanding Metal Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY Project

Standing Metal Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY Project

This Standing Metal Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY Project is a great way to re-use and re-purpose a broken washing machine internal drum (yes they can be easily removed) and used to create a really cool fire pit. You can do this and once you have accomplished this project, you will look at the world differently because everything becomes material to be re-purposed. A few simple tools is all you need.

A backyard fire pit brings family and friends outside to gather around therefor expanding your outdoor living space.

Standing Metal Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY Project

To build this interesting re-purpose poject, gather: a washing machine tub, self-tapped screws, ¼-20 nuts & bolts, metal sheets with 1/8” holes drilled, and metal dry wall strip. For the tools, get a drill motor, tip driver, snips, a hammer, pliers, and a grinder with a wheel. Strip down the old washing machine and get together all of the tools and materials needed for this new project.

Prepare the tub by removing the flange in the center to create more space. Drill four holes in the flange and remove it with a cutoff wheel. Then, cut a piece of metal sheet to cover it up by drilling in the self-tapping screws while leaving a half screen open. Note this down with a marker and cut it carefully for room to any adjustments with a strip of the dry wall for the top and connect with a drill motor and sheet metal screws.

Next, connect the bottom screen with metal screws and smooth off the points. Design an upper detachable screen by matching the screen to the outer lip diameter and cut. For a frame around the arc, make straight cuts every 5 inches so it can fold evenly. Attach the frame with metal screws and smooth off the points again. Now, attach the legs and light it for use. Connect the tri-piece to the tub with the bolts. Position and screw it on the center of the tri-piece.


Washing machine tub

Whatever usable washing machine you can use (I used the internal three legged support)

self tapping screws

1/4-20 nuts and bolts

metal sheet with 1/8 holes

metal dry wall strip


Drill motor

Phillips tip driver


Single jack, or hammer


Grinder with cut off wheel

Welder (optional)

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