Vehicle MaintenanceStart a Car With a Rope In Extreme Emergency Life Hack

Start a Car With a Rope In Extreme Emergency Life Hack

This tutorial of how to start a car with a rope in a extreme emergency life hack is needed if you are in a life threatening location and your car battery is dead. Yes, you need to use extreme caution and be totally aware but this knowledge could contribute towards saving your life.

Start Your Car With a Rope In Extreme Emergency Life Hack

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Typically cars that stall due to dead batteries can be roll-started if you are unable to get a jump. This requires one person at the wheel with the drive in neutral and another pushing. So what do you do if you need to roll-start your car and you are alone? You can actually do it yourself (carefully) if you have a length of rope in your trunk emergency kit.

What’s needed:

Manual transmission car



On a good downward incline, a car can still be roll-started by one person if the driver pushes the car into a forward motion while at the driver’s window so as to hold the steering wheel. But this is in an ideal stall situation and it won’t work without the right incline.

If you have a car sitting in an awkward parked position, particularly alone, you’ll need to get creative. As long as you have a length of strong rope, you can start the roll at the wheel, instead.

Put the dead car on lifts to free up a tire, keep the ignition key on and the car in gear, wrap the axle with rope, and give it a huge pull. The spin should turn the engine over and start the car. You will need to use caution doing this as the rope can pull forward. It also might not work with higher horsepower cars. Take a look at how this handy DIY trick can save you in a pinch.

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Here is a video to explain:

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