Food Storage & SkillsStart Emergency Food Storage on Frugal Budget

Start Emergency Food Storage on Frugal Budget

How to Start Emergency Food Storage on Frugal Budget can help build a plan to frugally buy extra kitchen staples supplies for an emergency. Natural disaster, job loss, divorce, spouse passing …. anything can happen at anytime so being prepared for an unforeseen event is just like insurance.

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Emergency Food Storage is important for when natural disasters hit or for unavoidable instances such as job loss or financial circumstances. It does not only refer to canned foods but also to frozen foods as well.

It is recommended that you should have a one-year supply of emergency food, but this can be tough, especially when you are on a budget. Of course, you cannot expect to purchase a one-year supply of food all at once. This would take time to gather and expiry dates are very important as well.

Follow these steps to get started:

• Make three lists. One list for canned foods or dried goods and another for cold storage. Note down the quantity, name of product and leave a column so that you can insert the expiry dates for when you purchase the products. This can help you to keep track of products easily.

• Deciding on quantity. For this, you may need to average how much groceries you would need to last you a month and then multiply the figure according to how much months’ worth of food you would like to keep in storage.

• Check your current supply. Sometimes, you may have excess items that you can put toward your emergency storage.

• Budget. Coupons. Purchasing your monthly groceries may already be tough for some. However, putting at least a $5 or $10 a month toward your emergency food supply, will go a long way to achieving your goals. Consider dehydrating fresh fruits and vegetables.

This way, you can save on your food bill and add the savings toward your emergency food supply.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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