BeekeepingStarving Bees Winter Survival Sugar Cake Recipe

Starving Bees Winter Survival Sugar Cake Recipe

Starving bees winter survival sugar cake recipe will help feed hungry bees that are struggling to make it through this harsh season. To make the most of our bees, we want to ensure that they are getting plenty of food throughout the year so that they are at their prime and their queen is the most bountiful and happiest of all.

Starving Bees Winter Survival Sugar Cake Recipe

When we have animals that we care and raise, we want what is best for them. This is never more true than for those of us that raise and feed their own honeybees all year round. We want the best for our honeybees because we want them to be the very productive in their honey gathering. The best survival rate as they go throughout the year whether we have had them for a while or we are just beginning to work with them is important.

So, to make this happen, we can provide them with the right foods to supplement their daily diets in the months where they are most active and those months where the cold can be truly bothersome to their overall health.

With these recipes below, there are options no matter the time of year and the level of the temperature. We can give them the food they need to survive and thrive within their hives with just a few simple ingredients for each of the recipes you’ll find below. From a mixture of sugar and water to one that also contains some corn syrup or one with just sugar and newspaper. They’re so easy to make that your bees will love you for your thoughtfulness and foresight into their needs to produce honey and survive all year round.

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