RecipesStay Put Bacon For The BLT

Stay Put Bacon For The BLT

Stay Put Bacon For The BLT

Don’t you hate eating a blt when the bacon just keeps falling out, and then you stuff it back in but you end up eating some bites with bacon and some bites without. Well check out the stay put bacon weave and never have those problems again. I have been making my bacon for blt sandwiches this way for a couple of years and we love it.

I just make my woven squares of bacon on my jelly roll pan and when ou take the bacon out of the oven if you let it cool first, the squares lift off the pan really easily. The bacon cooks together and stays together and the squares is the perfect size for a sandwich made with sandwich bread. I like this method so much I have not made bacon on the stove top since I discovered how to make it in the oven.

Even bacon strips can be laid on a pan and baked till crisp. It is so fantastic to make the bacon for the entire family in the oven while you are cooking the eggs or doing what ever else needs doing while the bacon cooks all by itself. Get instructions for stay put bacon from DFW.

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