DIY ProjectsStencil Paint Ceramic Tile Floor Project

Stencil Paint Ceramic Tile Floor Project

Stencil Paint Ceramic Tile Floor Project is a fantastic way to update a bathroom floor is super affordable even on a budget.

Stencil Paint Ceramic Tile Floor Project

Ever wondered what it would be like to paint your ceramic tile flooring? Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth painted her own tiled flooring from her 1990 bathroom! As promised she has presented her sketch of the floor. When revealing it to her husband his reaction was somewhat mortified. He was not around for the major parts of the project. It took in total 6 days to complete and roughly around $60 in costs.

The floor looked like an ordinary white square tiled floor back in february. Having a passion for stencils can help you dive right into the creative idea.

Before painting it is suggested to clean the floors (TSP is recommended). After drying proceed to sand the floor, try roughing it up nothing to over the top. Lastly vacuum up all the sand and dust.

Apply the primer and paint. Suggestions from Elizabeth are Oil based klitz and garage floor paints. Make sure you give enough time for the floor paint to dry, roughly overnight.

Lastly you need to purchase your stencil paint, the one used in this particular design is called Americana Chalk Decor. Place your stencil on the tiles and paint with the black chalk decor paint, each time moving the stencil in accordance to the pattern you have chosen. Be Careful not to smudge any paint so it is best to let one dry whilst doing another over the other end of the floor. Finish off with a full black outer edging to help make the tiles stand out.

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