Emergency PreparednessHow To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency

How To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency

This simple suture tutorial of How To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency can be a lifesaving skill if you are out of range of medical assistance or rather take on your own medical care.

A wound should be evaluated and the bleeding controlled using direct pressure.  A careful exploration of the wound should be performed to determine severity and whether it involves muscle, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, or bone.  The needle should pierce the skin at a 90-degree angle with the trailing suture following the curve of the needle, which is accomplished by twisting the wrist. Traditionally, the suture begins in the middle of the wound, with the remaining stitches placed symmetrically until the wound is closed.

This information about how to handle tissue is an excerpt from MoonDragon’s Women’s Health Procedures  website.

  • Manipulate the tissue as little as possible, but just enough to see what needs to be done and to do a good suturing job. The tissue may be sore to the touch and very sensitive to the mother if anesthetic has not been used.

  • Any area seen with a lot of oozing blood flow needs to be taken care of quickly. Get the tissue together and tie off the vessel, if necessary.

  • Blot the tissue with sterile gauze to remove blood, do not rub and disturb clotting.

    • Be sure about tissue landmarks before beginning and be sure any needle punctures are in the correct place the first time. Any new puncture is a new injury.

    • If instruments are used to part the tissue, be sure not to crush and devitalize the tissue. Be gentle, use only enough pressure to securely grasp the tissue.


You may want to take a look at the article by Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine  website  about their article “Choosing the Right Suture Material”.

How To Stitch A Wound In An Emergency
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