DIY ProjectsStock Pot Tealight Slow Cooker BOX DIY Project

Stock Pot Tealight Slow Cooker BOX DIY Project

How to build a Stock Pot Tealight Slow Cooker BOX DIY Project is simple to make and operate. It is basically an off the grid (no electricity needed) slow cooker that contains tealight candles inside a wooden box which amplifies the heat to cook. It does not say in the tutorial to line the inside of the box with aluminium foil but I would.

Stock Pot Tealight Slow Cooker BOX DIY Project

Get the following for this project: one largest stock pot, some lumber, multiple tealight candles, screws or nails and wood glue. The size of the stock pot varies, but one with a width of 24 cm can work for constructing the timber at 30cm x 30, eight inches in height for the stockpot to sit in. The box could be made out of a wooden block and the timber pieces being six inches that can be glued and nailed. Saw out a width ½ to 1 inch larger than the stockpot’s widthof the box that the pot would be placed in and screw or glue on rubber to the cornersfor grip. Once assembled, sand it to rid of the rougher ends and put some woodstain to shine it up.

What you will need:

· A stock pot to cook in (Buy here from Amazon)

· Lumber

· Candles

· Screws / nails / wood glue

Next, drill 2cm holes underneath the box on both sides because this will be suspended from the ground thanks to the rubber pegs. Then, saw out a 38mm hole along the side’s corner across from the center-right side, where the 2 cm holes are located. Fit the 38 mm with a fanthat cankeep air as recurringin and out of the holes below. Connect this fan toa 12-Volt battery or any adapter. The addition and size of tea lights will vary, but it should keep it warm at 80-100 Celsius. Have it placed right under the pot and running for over 8 hours for the slow cook with whatever stew or meat is being cooked up.

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