DIY ProjectsStock Tank Swimming Pool Bench DIY Project

Stock Tank Swimming Pool Bench DIY Project

Stock Tank Swimming Pool Bench DIY Project – Homesteading

Stock Tank Swimming Pool Bench DIY Project is a great addition to an above ground stock tank pool making it easier to get in and out of the pool. It is not complicated, and this project can be accomplished in one weekend.

So, we have our very own stock tank pool which was great way to cool down and is economical. The problem was, our friends would either get all the way to the pool’s water or will have to sit uncomfortably on the edge. Hence, we have decided to build a DIY bench to solve the problem. Here’s how it was done.

To begin with, this sketched design of the bench is what the author had in mind. 8 sections is good for 8 people to sit around the pool. The stands are to be made just tall enough for the bench to be able to sit at the top edge of the tank pool. For this instructable, the sizes and the total amount of woods you will need as your needs may vary according to your design and the size of your pool.


1×6’s for the top of the bench

2×4’s for the braces and stands

2 inches and 2 ½ inch deck screws



Tape measure



Duct Tape



1. Mark out even sections for your bench using the strings.

2. Measure a piece of wood for every section made.

3. Assemble the stands depending on how tall your bench will be.

4. Attach the bench seat to the top of the stands.

5. Add the bracings.

6. Make another section of the bench, ideally two sections away from the initial sections you made.

7. Add the pieces of braces again. Proceed with screwing the tops.

8. Do the same steps again until you have filled in the sections you want for your stock tank pool bench.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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