Raising LivestockStory of a Homesteader Who Rescued Chickens

Story of a Homesteader Who Rescued Chickens

This incredible heart felt story of a homesteader who rescued chickens, steps taken to bring the chickens back from the brink of death and view the chickens in their full glory of good health. Homesteaders who raise chickens have warm open hearts that never want an animal to suffer. They often open their homes and medical care (often self taught) to a needy bird.

This article is a personal story about a woman who gladly adopted sick chickens her friend brought to her doorstep after rescuing them from the neglectful first owner. Kerrie looks after and takes care of some very sick baby chicks, most of whom grew up to be happy and healthy. They came in sick and not well looked after but using a few basic techniques they were as good as new.

In order to take care of animals especially chickens at home, make sure that they are in a well nourished healthy and flock environment. Kerrie took care of the ailing chickens needs of food, cleanliness, warmth and made a quarantine coop so that they have a proper place to stay.

Story of a Homesteader Who Rescued Chickens

Do read the article and find something truly useful in it therefore helping chickens everywhere. Just to be clear the author is not an veterinary and so if you fear that your chicks are sick or showing any symptoms, it is best to take them to the vet immediately.

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Melissa Francis
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