DIY ProjectsHow Straw Bale Houses Work and The Benefits of Them

How Straw Bale Houses Work and The Benefits of Them

         Straw bale house are a natural way to build a home using straw bales covered with plaster. How Stuff Works tells about how to build them and I have included a video from Straw Bale TV to show a little more in depth information on them.

          The Savings alone make these straw bale homes seem like a great alternative to standard buildings. From The Site ” The real cost savings of straw bale building relate to energy efficiency. The straw bales, finished by plaster, have a high R-value. The R-value measures the insulation resistance of the wall; straw bale walls provide an incredible insulation that can easily keep heat in or out, depending on your needs. A straw bale home can save up to 75 percent on heating and cooling costs annually [source: Morrison, Amazon Nails]. This represents a huge savings over the life of the house. These thick walls also provide excellent soundproofing. Straw bale building has been used for recording studios and for homes near busy highways.­” Those are some great benefits.


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