RecipesStrawberry Blueberry Cream Filling TART Dessert Recipe

Strawberry Blueberry Cream Filling TART Dessert Recipe

This Strawberry Blueberry Cream Filling Tart Dessert Recipe is not only delicious refreshing sweet dessert that you will love to serve to your family and friends. It’s well worth the effort to whip up this creamy tart bursting with juicy berries. Each bite gives a different explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Strawberry Blueberry Cream Filling TART Dessert Recipe

* Ingredients for the Tart:



Apricot jelly


Sliced almonds

Fresh mint sliced thinly

* Ingredients for the Crust:

All purpose flour

Cold shortening

Cold unsalted butter


Kosher salt

Ice cold water

Ingredients for Pastry Cream Filling:

Whole milk

Egg yolks


Heavy cream



Vanilla extract

Cognac (optional)

The shell for strawberry and blueberry tart is very simple yet can be made well in advance of the actual tart. It is very simple and easy, the filling is made from fresh fruits. For making the pastries, the food processor is the best option as it makes such quick work of almost everything. This pastry seems to be more like a sugar cookie, rather than a pie crust. Making of this pastry requires butter, eggs, sugar, and flour into the food processor.

Tt is easy to work with this dough, if my kitchen is relatively cool. The dough may fall apart, if the kitchen is too warm. However, if this is the case then you need to place the dough in fridge for sometime so that it is chilled, not extremely cold. Making of the tart is really easy, once you are done with making of the crust.

It is as simple as tossing away the berries with sugar lime zest that is added to the tart. The fruit is cook down into softened fruit after baking that is surrounded by thick jam. The perfect serving of this tart includes the topping of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

Overall, you may observe this process to be complicated and difficult; however, it is not at all complicated. You can easily make each of the component separately unlike other sweet dishes and later bring all the components together, when it has to be served.

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