Natural RemediesStrawberry Leaves as a Healing Tea and It's Benefits

Strawberry Leaves as a Healing Tea and It's Benefits

Come learn about the natural remedies using Strawberry leaves as a healing tea and it’s benefits. Yes, the leaves on the Strawberry plants you grow in your garden have natural healing properties… who knew ? – you do now ! People’s love of strawberries is no secret, with sugar or without and smothered in cream or ice cream. They’re yummy and good for us, within reason. What is a secret though, is the fact that we discard or ignore the part of the strawberry plant that is most beneficial to us. The strawberry leaf (fragaria vesca) is the best and most useful part.

Strawberry leaves are rich in tannins, vitamin C and other vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidant flavonoids, caffeic acids, iron and calcium. These singularly or as a whole can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and ailments. Simply wait for the strawberry plant to bloom, collect leaves, dry and infuse in tea.
Scientific research is limited but has indicated that strawberry leaves can be beneficial to your health. It isn’t a recent discovery either, these leaves have been used in folk medicine for a long, long time. From rheumatoid arthritis, skin rashes, respiratory complaints, diarrhea, catarrh, nervousness, water retention and excessive menstrual bleeding; strawberry leaves have been used for them all.

Recently scientists have discovered that the leaves of the strawberry plant are rich in ellagic acid. This compound has been shown to neutralize cancer causing substances, boost the immune system and induce apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancerous cells.

When drunk as a tea the strawberry leaf can also help with ailments such as diarrhea, nausea, bloating and cramps. The caffeic acid which is a natural diuretic can help to pull water from your joints which can alleviate the pain and swelling caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It is also thought that strawberry leaves are helpful with weight loss, liver health, poultices and an anti-bacterial / anti-fungal agent.
Strawberry plants come in many varieties and all of them have similar medicinal properties. So what are you waiting for? All that stands between you and medicinal strawberry leaf tea is infusing and brewing. Here’s how to do it.

First wait for the strawberry plant to bloom and when it has collect the leaves. Store them as intact as possible in an airtight jar ready for use. You can crush or chop them at the time you are ready to use them. Leaving them intact retains potency. Note: Ensure they are completely dried before using as if not they may irritate the stomach.

Strawberry Tea Recipe

  • 1 handful of fresh or well-dried strawberry leaves

  • 1 tablespoon of cream

  • Honey or stevia


1. Place the handful of strawberry leaflets into a teapot.

2. Pour boiling water over the leaves and allow to steep for at least 5 minutes.

3. Add the cream and stir.

4. Add honey or stevia to taste.

5. If fresh or dried stevia leaves are available, add them to the handful of strawberry leaflets prior to pouring in the boiling water.

The above recipe is not technically a tea, as to be called a tea it needs to contain leaf from the tea plant. This recipe is actually an herbal infusion or tisane. It doesn’t really matter though as tea or not tea it’s tasty and beneficial to your health.

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Strawberry Leaves as a Healing Tea and It’s Benefits


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