HolidaysString Cranberry Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree

String Cranberry Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree

How to String Cranberry Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree are easy to make and are just fun with your family and friends.

String Cranberry Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree

Bring in the yuletide spirit with this awesome popcorn tree décor that after the season is over that you can take outside and place on trees for birds to eat.

You can enjoy munching some popcorn, laughing and talking with your loved ones while you string cranberries and popcorn in differnt altering scenquncines.

The Steps:

1. Popping Your Corn

~ a. Whether you choose to air-pop your corn or pop them in a pan with a bit of oil or get things done quick in a microwave, it should work. Just make sure they are unbuttered or unsalted.

~ b. Take note that 1 cup of popcorn is enough to cover up to 4 feet of thread.

~ c. Choose the best popcorns with flower-like shape for the garlands.

2. Preparing Your Popcorn

~ Set aside your chosen popcorns. Let them sit for a day or two, that way they are less fragile and easier to string.

3. Stringing the Popcorn Garland

~ a. Use sturdy thread with colors such as green, red or depending on your Christmas tree’s color theme.

~ b. Cut the thread to your desired lengths. Use thin needles with huge eye for easy threading. Tie the tip of your thread so the popcorn won’t fall while you string them.

~ c. String the popcorn by pushing the needle directly at its center. Add popcorn until your thread garland is fall. Be sure not to leave any gaps. You may mix other items with your popcorn or add glitters and color to your popcorn.

4. Placing the Popcorn Garland on the Tree

Drape the popcorn garland around your Christmas tree. Add ornaments if you like.

String Cranberry Popcorn Garland for Christmas Tree

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