DIY ProjectsStrong Homemade Wood Storage Basement Shelves DIY Project

Strong Homemade Wood Storage Basement Shelves DIY Project

These Strong Homemade Wood Storage Basement Shelves DIY Project is a great weekend project that a handy homesteader can make to vertical room for all kinds of emergence supplies, food storage and water storage.

Need extra storage space in your home? Follow our simple tutorial for DIY basement shelves.

Strong Homemade Wood Storage Basement Shelves DIY Project

1. Decide on your shelving specifications. Consider what you want to store on the shelves and your basement floor plan. Tip: maximize storage shape by making an “L” shaped shelf.

Materials and Tools:

2 x 4 x 10′ Boards, cut to size

3/4?- 4′ x 8′ Plywood, cut to size

Saw To Cut Plywood

Miter Saw

Screw Driver/ Drill

3? Torx Deck Screws

Straight Edge



Tape Measure

Sandpaper, medium grit, to remove any rough spots from cutting the wood to size

2. Buy supplies. You will need boards, plywood, a saw, miter saw, screw driver, drill, Torx Deck screws, straight edge, clamps, countersink, tape measure, and medium grit sandpaper.

3. Make the frame for the shelf. Include middle braces for extra support, especially if your shelves will hold heavy items.

4. Cut the plywood into the desired lengths.

5. Start making the back of the shelf. Mark the wood where you need to insert the screws, and pre drill all the holes.

6. Attach the boards to the frame with the screws.

7. Add the shelves. You can rotate the unit so it’s easier to work with, even tipping it right side up. Begin adding the outer shelves and work your way towards the middle.

This is the basic process, but here are some tips to make the DIY process even easier. If you are making very large shelves (or if you have a very narrow corridor or basement) it’s best to make the shelving in sections and then assemble them.

When you put the shelving sections together, use clamps as a kind of bracket to hold them in place as you attach the screws. Ask someone to hold them as you work.

Click here to read about how to build Strong Homemade Wood Storage Basement Shelves DIY Project:


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Melissa Francis
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