Build ItStuffed Toy Keeper DIY Project

Stuffed Toy Keeper DIY Project

If your children have a lot of stuffed toys and you need a way to corral them, check out this stuffed toy keeper. It is a diy project using wood and some lengths of bungee cord. There are two different styles so you can make one for a girl or a boy or you could use either for both a boy and a girl. I like the barn style best.

Stuffed Toy Keeper DIY Project

This idea is from The Keeper Of The Cheerios and it is a great way to keep those soft toys contained while keeping them accessable. The bungee will hold them in the keeper but a gentle tug will allow a toy to be taken out and played with. So much better than those old pet nets. I had those for my kids but then the toys were all up too high for them to reach so they really never played with them.

This would be a nice gift to give for a new baby or as a gift to a child. With a little creativity you could make yours look like what ever you wanted. I can see one like a train or a fairy castle as alternative styles. This is a great way to help keep the kids rooms organized.

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