Sugardine Antiseptic For Horses And Humans


Sugardine antiseptic for horses and humans. In this article you will learn of a mixture that you can make cheaply and keep at home for use as an antiseptic for wounds and burns. The mixture contains sugar and betadine and is used quite a bit on horses.

Sugardine Antiseptic For Horses And Humans

Courtney Diehl, DVM shares a story of how a George Platt an International Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame member healed an oozing infected wound on a horse using only sugardine. The story was interesting but she also says that there was a paper written in 1981 where a five year study of using sugardine on human wounds showed that it healed wounds and burns quickly and required less antibiotics and less hospital stay. I read something a while back about how it works on bedsores but didn’t book mark it so I can’t find it.

        It won’t go bad once the mixture is made so if you live far from doctors or are stocking medical supplies for an emergency situation where they may not be any medical help for a while you might want to stock up on some betadine and sugar so you would be able to make this antiseptic during that time. I think I will just make some up now to have on hand as needed, its cheap and might help avoid a round of antibiotics.

     While we are sharing this info with you we are not doctors and if you have some kind of life threatening wound and can get medical help you should do so.  Learn how to make this mixture on  American Farriers.

To read this story and learn how to make the mixture click here>>>—a-stinky-gooey-mess-that-works-when-treating-wound-injuries