BeveragesSummer Mandarin Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Summer Mandarin Mojito Cocktail Recipe

When summer officially kicks in, there is a trend in cocktails that compliments faraway Cuba and the country’s sensual rhythms of rumba. This drink can cool down hot nights and long sunny days with its soothing combination of mint, rum. sugar, lime, sparkling soda, and tons of ice.

Mojito’s several hundred years of history all started in Cuba, making it one of the cultural icons of the country.
According to Meeroona, while there are a few theories when it comes to mojito’s true origins, it doesn’t matter if your favorite drink was an invention of the African slaves who worked on sugar cane fields in Cuba during the late 1800s, the US Marine Corps, or was a mere descendant of El Draque.

What matters is that mojito rose to popularity in 1930 in Havana, the stunning capital of Cuba before it became a global trend thanks to hotshot celebrities like Errol Flynn, Brigitte Bardot, and even Ernest Hemingway himself.

With his fervent passion for Cuba’s charm and mellowness where he used to work as a journalist, Hemingway learned about mojito and install fell head over heels in love with its one of a kind taste. This is what made the drink reach the spot where it is right now, right on top of the list of the most famous cocktails of the world.

Through the years, mojito has gone through much tweaks and changes and different people started to have their own versions of this well-loved drink.
Luvo Foods shares an article on how to prepare mandarin mojito that is the perfect refreshing drink during hot summer days.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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