Sun Burst Repurposed Aluminum Can

Sun Burst Repurposed Aluminum Can

This craft project of a Sun Burst repurposed from an aluminum can is a way to make art from a readily available material that is often discarded or recycled. I can see this project turned into a Christmas ornament, garden decoration or repeated around a wooden mirror frame but be creative and search your imagination.  Maybe glue broken mirrored or colored  glass pieces in the center as a mosaic.

Supplies List:

  • Empty Soda Can

  • Scissors or Tin Snips

  • Ruler

  • Kevlar glove – also called a fisherman’s fillet glove
    Sun Burst Repurposed Aluminum Can

1. Wash the empty soda can and let it dry.

2. Put on Kevlar glove. This glove is specifically made to protect against cuts and gashes.
Cutting aluminum cans creates very sharp edges, so proceed with care.

3. Use the point of the scissors to poke a hole near the top of the can, on the side where the fine print is.

7. Finish cutting around the can top and remove it.

8. Mark with a pen the bottom of the can equally.

9. Cut into strips.

10. Bend each strip, folded over.

11. Curl each strip around a pencil then slide pencil out.

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