GardeningSun Mapping Garden Before Planting Gardening Project

Sun Mapping Garden Before Planting Gardening Project

This Sun Mapping Garden Before Planting Gardening Project article was designed to introduce homesteading readers to a process called sun mapping, this process involves using the sun’s pattern as it travels across your backyard to find the best place for your garden. Sun exposure is so important….

Sun Mapping Garden Before Planting Gardening Project

The sun is one of the most important parts of growing plants in the backyard, along with good soil quality and water. So, when you are planning to put in your first growing garden beds it is important that you take into consideration the amount of direct sunlight that each of your garden beds is going to get.


How To Sun Map:

Begin by making a sketch of your garden including large trees, fences, and other significant markers. Starting at sun up, use one colored pencil to draw a line that defines the shaded areas in your yard. Set a timer and on each hour, make a new line to update the shade’s position. When the noon sun begins to decline, change colored pencils and continue drawing hourly lines until sundown. At the end of the day, you’ll have a sun map that shows the Sun’s start times in one color and end times in another. From these two times, you can calculate the total hours of direct sunlight in any given part of the yard. As explained by, “Notes From A Sunset Garden”

This article was created and shared with all of its readers some of the knowledge that the author has.

Since it is very important that your plants receive as much direct sunlight as possible. Having this kind of resource can be very easy, but it all has can be used for other purposes.

Books to Help:

The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land

Starter Vegetable Gardens: 24 No-Fail Plans for Small Organic Gardens 

Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener’s Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting the Perfect Amounts for What You Want to Eat Year-Round 

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