Sun Tracking Solar Panel Concentrator DIY Project

DIY Sun Tracking Solar Concentrator

Get some of your alternative energy from the sun with this diy sun tracking solar concentrator.
Living off-grid or just wanting to reduce your carbon footprint by using a more Eco-friendly power source for at least some of your electrical needs.

 Sun Tracking Solar Panel Concentrator DIY Project - Alternative Energy

Solar power is one of the most popular of all renewable energy sources. This DIY article was designed to introduce the reader to a great method for making your own solar concentrator. This a also a great way to re-purpose all of the satellite dishes floating around instead of adding them to the land fills.

This tutorial and great information is from 99 MPG. The creator of the project was looking to help others get the benefit of cleaner and more eco-friendly power. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and to understand. If you have solar panels and would like to have them track the sun, check out, Solar Panel That Follows Sunlight Project.

Benefits of reading the DIY Project: DIY Sun Tracking Solar Concentrator

Learn how easy it is to convert some old, worn out satellite dishes into a powerful solar concentrator.
The project includes a complete list of all of the materials, supplies, and tools needed for you to get started.
It also includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide that shows how to make on.
You will also find numerous full-color pictures inside that help to provide a good visual reference of the project.