HomesteadingSunflower Seed Husk Paper Fuel Briquettes Project

Sunflower Seed Husk Paper Fuel Briquettes Project

This Sunflower Seed Husk Paper Fuel Briquettes Project is a great way to turn waste items into a function item to use as a heating fuel. These sunflower husk and paper briquettes are a great fuel
to start a fire in your backyard firepit.

Sunflower Seed Husk Paper Fuel Briquettes Project

A regular briquette is a small, squared piece of coal that is used as fuel to start a fire. There is also charcoal, which is used to start a fire as cooking food on the grill. Other types include biomass, hay, and Japanese-style briquettes that come in different shapes and sizes for different cooking mechanisms. This briquette made at home involves shredded paper and husk, which is helpful environmentally.

To start, eat sunflower seeds and keeps the husks. Eat enough of them to have plenty of husks for this project. Husk can be an alternative to burning fuel mixed with shredded paper or wood shavings to make a briquette. Mix the paper and husks in a construction bowl (or with a big stick in a bucket) and soak it in water for a few hours or one day at most. Then, pour it into a bucket that can drain the water. The ratio between paper and husk should be 60/40 and don’t be afraid to put in a lot since it will be flattened.

With a press juicer, squeeze out all of the liquid and compress the husk/paper mix into a fat, circular briquette. Warning, the water will smell pretty nasty, but don’t dump it out because it can be recycled to make a new batch if needed. Scoop out the briquette in one piece and let dry outside for at least a week of sun; make sure to cover it up if it starts raining. Size and proportion vary, but once it is dry, it is done.

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