Emergency PreparednessSuper Cheap DIY Survival Food Bucket

Super Cheap DIY Survival Food Bucket

Super Cheap DIY Survival Food Bucket

If you have ever priced emergency food buckets you already know that they are very expensive. While you might like to have those stored for an extended emergency this bucket will provide a week of food for a family of four or a month of food for one person. While it won’t be fancy sometimes just being able to feed your family will be a life saver. You can make other buckets with different items. For instance you could make a cheap bucket of breakfast foods with instant oatmeal that you can make with a small amount of hot water.

Super Cheap DIY Survival Food Bucket

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Bag some powdered milk to add nutrition to the oatmeal. You could also add some dried fruits to add more variety to the breakfast. This cheap survival bucket idea is from Southern Plate and I like her idea of being able to offer one or two of these buckets if someone else has an emergency and needs help. If you gave them a bucket or two you would at least know they could eat for a while and stay strong for facing their burdens. While I like her bucket idea I myself would make one change. I would change the lid and replace it with a gamma seal lid. In the article you will see she has to use a mallet to get the lid on the bucket and if you have never tried to open a regular five gallon bucket, let me tell you , the strength needed is beyond me. Even my husband struggles.

The gamma seal lid has a ring that is put on similar to the regular lid but then the middle screws open and closed. So much easier. I keep  my rice and beans in buckets with gamma seal lids and I can open and close them when I need to. The lid is on sale ans for 10 dollars you still have a much cheaper bucket of food than the commercial ones but you also have a bucket of food that you can get opened.

Read more>>>>>>    http://www.southernplate.com/2014/10/diy-20-survival-food-bucket.html

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Paige Raymond
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