CleanersSuper Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Cubes Recipe

Super Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Cubes Recipe

Come make a batch of super deep cleaning dishwasher cubes recipe that is borax free, inexpensive to make and stable to store . While borax is generally a safe cleaning agent, if ingested it can cause some severe reactions. So it’s best not to run the risk of an un-dissolved piece of detergent getting accidentally eaten off of a plate, bowl, or fork.Super Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Cubes Recipe

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I love dishwasher tabs. They’re so quick and effective that once I tried them, I couldn’t believe I’d been using loose detergent for so many years. Unfortunately, they’re crazy expensive, and when I looked at the ingredients… well, I had to imagine there was a more eco-friendly recipe out there. After a long trial-and-error search, I think I have found a website with perfect one recipe.

You will need:

• washing soda (usually found in the cleaning or clothes washing aisle)

• baking soda

• citric acid (often found in the canning section)

• kosher salt

• white distilled vinegar

• castile soap

• essential oil (lemon or lavender are popular fragrances)

• ice cube trays


First mix together the dry ingredients in bowl.

Then very slowly add the vinegar. Because of its interaction with the sodas, it will fizz a bit.

Add the castile soap and essential oils to the clumpy mixture.

Mix thoroughly. The mixture will be clumpy, but not a solid mass, and not a liquid.

Pack the mix into the ice cube trays, making sure each one is tightly packed.

Leave the trays on a sunny windowsill for about 24-48 hours.

Pop the cubes out and store them in an air-tight jar.

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Melissa Francis
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