HomesteadingSuper Frugal Tips For Cutting Household Expenses

Super Frugal Tips For Cutting Household Expenses

Super frugal tips for cutting household expenses may be the only answer when you are upon hard times. Nothing is scarier to a family than when you realize that there are more days left in the month when the money in the bank is gone. Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is and incomes remaining stagnant, more and more people are finding themselves in serious financial situations.

Super Frugal Tips For Cutting Household Expenses

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The author of this article filled it with so many useful tips that anyone could use them in their own situation. Whether you identify yourself as being frugal or not, you would be able to use a number of these tips in order to reduce your household expenses and help you stretch your monthly income. While all of them may not work for you, they certainly could for other readers. Many times these situations are brought on by spending habits or out of control household expenses.

Benefits of reading and following the Super Frugal Tips for Cutting Household Expenses Article

● The tips inside can easily help most anyone reduce the amount of monthly expenses

● The tips that are included cover a wide range of ideas from reducing usage of utilities to lower cost purchases

● It also includes some additional resources that can be useful to saving money

Here are just a few suggestions:

Cancel your home phone
Make your own coffee at home and bring it with you
Cook homemade meals instead of eating out
Turn down the heat or air conditioner
Pack a brown paper sack lunch
Return to a low maintenance hair style and return hair to natural color
Take the bus, bike, or walk whenever possible of driving (carpool when possible)
Shop for a better deal on insurance, cell phone plan (drop home phone line) and
Don’t carry a credit card balance (the interest rate is just throwing away money)
Stop recreational shopping as emotional therapy
Use cloth diapers instead of disposable
Try to cook at least 2 vegetarian meals a week
Cancel gym membership and build a thrifty home gym with used equipment for free or off Craigslist
Quit smoking
Cancel cable – learn how to hook up YouTube to TV and use Netflix
Go to the library or download free book from (Did you know you can listen to free full length audio books on YouTube)
Buy used clothing at thrift stores and yard sales
Make your own homemade bread
Hang your clothes on a clothesline to dry instead of using the dryer

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Melissa Francis
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