DIY ProjectsSuper Inexpensive DIY Strawberry Tower

Super Inexpensive DIY Strawberry Tower

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a super inexpensive strawberry tower by using two five gallon buckets. I really like this style of strawberry planter because it is easy to insert a couple of long bamboo sticks in the top of the dirt to hold a draping of bird netting off but around and protecting the berries. Just push the bamboo sticks into the dirt a couple inches to hold them in place and long enough to keep netting off the top berry plants and then let it drape down and secure the bottoms by laying a couple stones on the netting to keep in place. No more berries for the birds. You can buy strawbery towers that you just fill and plant but this is an easy diy strawberry tower and five gallon buckets are cheap so you could actually afford to make 2 or 3 of these and have all the fresh berries you want and still have plenty to freeze or make jam with. SMSF Master Gardeners shre this tutorial for a diy strawberry tower.

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