CraftsSuper Simple Homemade Sweater Mittens Project

Super Simple Homemade Sweater Mittens Project

This tutorial of how to make super simple homemade sweater mittens project takes a worn out sweater and salvages a portion of woven fabric to make mittens.

This trick combines two of the ideals of the homesteading philosophy. We never waste anything. We recycle everything.

Super Simple Homemade Sweater Mittens Project

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We all have a few old sweaters lying about that have seen better days. We may not be a able to find it in our hearts to toss the old sweaters because they were a gift from a loved one who is no longer with us. This little hack is a homesteader’s perfect solution to old sweaters.

The idea is brilliantly simple. You do not need a lot of expensive equipment or any money to make a nice pair of mittens for the winter. You have a color choice that rivals any store. You get the enjoyment of doing it yourself.

All you need is paper to make a pattern, a sweater that does not have any holes in the parts you will use, scissors, a needle, and thread. You might spend an hour at most making a perfectly fitting homemade treasure.

Making your own mittens from used sweaters is a guarantee of absolute authenticity. No one in the world will have a pair of mittens for the winter like yours. The fabric of the sweater is perfectly suited to make warm mittens that you can work in.

One of the best benefits of making your own mittens from used and aged sweaters is that you get to keep a part of the gift you got from a departed loved one. You celebrate them and their love every time you wear the sweater mittens. They also make great presents for Christmas and cost you nothing.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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