Survival Fishing Techniques


Water is often called the elixir of life for the thirst quenching properties we get when drinking it. In a survival situation water could be a life save because we gather food from it to keep from dying of starvation. If you are ever in a wilderness survival situation, finding a stream or river could save your life in at least three ways.

First of all if you are lost or in hiding following a river will in all probability bring you to civilization as most towns were first built near a water source.

Secondly if you have a Lifestraw or a way of boiling the water you would have plenty to drink.

Thirdly if you have your Survival Fishing Tin you could catch fish to eat so you would not starve as you made your way down the river.

Off The Grid News shares five fishing techniques to help you be able to fish and catch enough for food in a survival situation.

Survival Fishing Techniques


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