Emergency PreparednessSurvival Skills Teenagers and Children Should Learn

Survival Skills Teenagers and Children Should Learn

Survival Skills Teenagers and Children Should Learn is an in depth long list of skills that should be looked at as an investment into their future. It only takes one child or teenage that has a level headed caring parent that took the time to properly teach his or her son or daughter lifesaving skills to save a whole group of people. A confident skilled person who knows what they are doing will step forward and show everyone else how to survive.

Survival Skills Teenagers and Children Should Learn

For those who were raised to be campers, it’s necessary to learn some survival skills. It is just a common place to know what to do in certain events going back to childhood experinces. When things happen in the area, or when going out into the forest to camp, hunt, and fish, being prepared is what we should know about from training.

Some people have become so unaware of their LACK of common skills around the globe, that they panic during disasters (natural or man-made). Prepared aware people have tendency to remember things that have happened from the past and take steps to teach our children from our hard earned knowledge.

A lot of us forget the significance of educating kids certain survival tips. We are full with groceries of processed foods, frozen dinners, preservatives, warmth from electricity, kids are being kept away from any proper training with guns, that people and children will fail when it comes time to go into survival mode.

Children should learn such survival moves in the unlikely event something really happens to where they are lost in the woods. We don’t want to think of that being possible, but they should know in their mind what to do….if put in a scenario.

If the child is taught more about surviving, the bigger the intellect they havewhen they are with family and friends. So, with that, here are a few of those survival tips children should know.

• The knowledge to fish, shoot a bow and arrow

• How to get clean water or to boil dirty water to make it safe to drink

• Sew, knotting, measure, pack, and cook

• Building a fire and extinguishing it when finished

• Hiding from unlikable animals, such as bears and bats, as well as climbing trees

• And – my personal favorite – staying psychologically prepared and settled when in dangerous peril

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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