Survival Summit FREE, Five-day, Online Training Summit With 25 World Experts on Survival and Self Reliance. You MUST Register Ahead Of Time.


This looks like it will be a fantastic summit where we can learn a huge amount of info and it is totally free!
From The site. Link to register at bottom of post.
Link to register at bottom of post.

“Topics we’ll be covering during this 5-day event will include:

How to develop a STRONG ‘Protection Triad’ with detailed Property Security & Threat Planning… Water, Energy, & Fuel Systems… and Self-Reliant Food Production & Storage.
How to grow your own food supply, without fertilizers, pesticides, or even irrigation.  Even if you live in an arid climate.
How to spot the ideal homestead or survival retreat locations.
Building concepts for hiding your home in the wilderness.
Blueprints for setting up your property with its own off-grid water and energy supply.
Trapping secrets for protecting crops like corn from being stolen by Raccoons, or potatoes from being ravaged by voles.
How to feed & clothe your family by trapping like the settlers.
How to protect your loved ones in a world where the police are no longer coming to your rescue.
Different strategies for defending a suburban versus rural home or property from looters or armed gangs.
How to fortify your home from being breached.  And the skills you need to know to escape from an unlawful restraint or kidnapping.
Off-grid medical techniques, herbal remedies for fighting potential flu pandemics, how to legally create your own renewable fuels, and much, much more.”


Register at the link below.