Medical & HealthSurviving Frostbite on the Homestead

Surviving Frostbite on the Homestead

These tips for surviving frostbite on the homestead can save a person a lot of pain and the loss of fingertips and toes. Frostbite is localized damage to the skin and other tissues caused by freezing. At or below 32 °F, blood vessels close to the skin start to constrict, and blood is shunted away from the extremities such as hands, feet and face. When the body is exposed to cold for long periods, this protective strategy can reduce blood flow in some areas of the body to dangerously low levels. This lack of blood leads to the eventual death of skin tissue.

Homesteaders have to work outdoors in extremely cold weather at times. To clarify, the average chilly day is not what we are talking about here, but rather those cold days that no matter how bundled you are, the cold still finds ways to seep through every layer and settle in your bones, chilling your skin and blood.

There are 4 degrees of frostbite that is different levels of the formation of ice crystals between a person’s skin cells.
Surviving Frostbite on the Homestead

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However, this kind of cold may not be the only danger that should concern us as we venture out for chores, hunting, ice fishing or outdoor sports that are only available in winter. There is one sneaky little pest that can make any winter day become a nightmare. What is it? Frostbite.

This is one condition that we never want to experience in our lives… ever. What makes this condition so dangerous is that it only needs a small patch of exposed and vulnerable skin to do some considerable damage to a person. It can even become a matter of life and death if the right measures are not taken to prevent or treat.

What are those preventative measures or treatments you should take? Well, when you read below, you will find the best methods to preventing and treating frostbite to keep yourself healthy and happy whether you’re bundled for a feeding livestock or skiing down the slopes.

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