Surviving Severe Wounds When There Is No Medical Help Available

Snare Man

     Great video for anyone that spends time outdoors. Weather hunting, hiking, camping or any other activities that may take you away from where medical care is quickly and easily available. Snare Man walks you through the different ways of dealing with severe wounds in the field. He tells how to call for a medevac helicopter and what to expect and do to be ready when they arrive.

     Also how to deal with a bleeding wound to avoid loss of life. How to stop hemorrhaging and which wounds you should close and which you shouldn’t and how to prevent infection in them. This is good info to have for anyone because you never know when you may need to deal with a wound simply because there is too much going on to get medical help right away, for instance in an earthquake,tornado or other scenario where medical personnel are spread thin due to many folks needing help.

   Also good info for folks that work a farm and live in a rural setting when medical help can be far from home and will take a while to get to or to arrive to you.

Snare Man
Snare Man



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