RecipesSweet Potato Tortillas Homemade Frugal Recipe

Sweet Potato Tortillas Homemade Frugal Recipe

Sweet Potato Tortillas Homemade Frugal Recipe is super simple to make, tastes Delicious and is a great food wrap. Make a small stack of Sweet Potato Tortillas, instead of buying bread to take advantage of freshness and save money.

Sweet Potato Tortillas Homemade Frugal Recipe - The Homestead Survival

There is a growing number of people who have switched to a back to the basic lifestyle, choosing to cook from scratch and buying less processed food.

This is especially true when it comes to commercially produced tortillas. This makes it really tough for Vegans to enjoy some Tex-Mex foods that are made using tortillas. This article and recipe was designed to introduce the reader to a homemade sweet potato tortilla that does not require oil to make.

The author was looking to share with all of homesteading readers a great oil free sweet potato tortilla recipe. This is a great tasting alternative to all of the traditional flour tortillas that are on the shelves of just about every grocery store or corner market all across the country.

The two (2) ingredients recipe is really easy to follow and only takes a short time to prepare them.

All of the information included in the recipe is really easy to read and follow.

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