ChickensSymptoms And Cures of Common Diseases In Chickens

Symptoms And Cures of Common Diseases In Chickens

These symptoms and cures of common diseases in chickens will help a homesteader recognize and heal their sickly chickens naturally.

Symptoms And Cures of Common Diseases In Chickens

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Raising chickens in your backyard can be a fun, engaging and beneficial activity, hence, more and more people are doing it. People that are pursuing this might have the knowledge of chicken daily care but are mostly unaware of chicken health.

With the growing demand for eggs and meat a greater number of chickens is being produced synthetically and mechanically resulting in decreased chicken immunity, thus, there is an increased risk of spreading pathogens.

Although backyard setups are less likely to be affected by these pathogens but a little knowledge about them can be helpful.

Fowl Pox: It is spread by mosquitoes; symptoms include warty bumps near the legs and/or formation of lesions in the mouth area. It can only be cured through vaccination.

Infectious Bronchitis: This is a painful disease that destroys the chicken’s esophagus; symptoms include lesser egg production (eggs produced will be dry, rough and whites would be watery) and loss of appetite. It cannot be cured.

External Parasites: Proper fumigation against ticks, mites and lice can prevent it.

Internal Parasites: These are found inside the body and can severely affect the newborns due to the poor immune system; symptoms include loss of weight, appetite or diarrhea. In serious cases, chickens must be taken to the vet.

Marek’s disease: It is a fatal disease that can lead to cancer and has no cure, yet. It spreads due to loss of feathers and dust; symptoms include difficulty in breathing, paralysis, and weight loss.

Nutritional deficiencies: Nutritional deficiencies can result in weak chickens and eggs and should be prevented by giving them healthy food with adequate nutrients.

Reproductive Problems: Inflammation in the shell gland and oviduct can cause less egg production and swollen abdomen.

Exotic Diseases: Namely severe flu, avian influenza, and respiratory track diseases.

Frostbite: Chickens can get frostbite in colder regions and need to be taken to vets.

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