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Homesteading In Texas

3 Reasons To Start Homesteading In Texas

If you are looking to set up a homestead, Texas should be near the top of your list of states to consider. Apart from being home to the most farms and ranches in the USA, Texas...

Month By Month Chores List For a Homestead

If you are new to your homestead or even for folks that have had  one for a while, here is a list of chores and things to do in each month of the year....

Homemade Duck Pond Water Homesteading Project - The Homestead Survival - Chickens Ducks Geese Swans - Flock

Homemade Duck Pond Water Homesteading Project

This Homemade Duck Pond Water Homesteading Project was made by an amazingly resourceful woman named “Jordie”. She has chickens, ducks, geese and they needed a place to cool and refresh themselves in cool water.

12 Best States For Homesteaders

Modern day homesteading is a voluntary and consciously taken decision of living a highly self-sufficient way of life. At a certain point in human history, people were all homesteaders who lived their lives full...