GardeningTake a Peek at a Pedal Powered Tractor

Take a Peek at a Pedal Powered Tractor

Come take a peek at this pedal powered tractor that could be an amazing asset on any homestead with a large garden. This upcycled invention speeds up the tasks of seeding, weeding, and cultivating row crops and saves hundreds of hours of back breaking work on your knees. The prototype of this little tractor, named the Culticycle – is being developed by Tim Cook of Green Tractor Farm.   It has no long term operating costs such as the fuel or expensive engine parts that you would put in a conventional tractor.

This pedal powered tractor was built from lawn tractor, ATV, and bicycle parts.

We all have seen or maybe had the experience of using a push lawn mower with the sharp rotating blades for cutting grass that was for the physical fit person. This pedal powered tractor takes human power to a whole new level bringing the saying “Work smarter, not harder”.

Take a Peek at a Pedal Powered Tractor
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Be sure to watch all three youtube videos featuring pedal powered tractor.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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