Natural RemediesTea Drinking Health Benefits for Each Flavor

Tea Drinking Health Benefits for Each Flavor

This article highlighting “Tea Drinking Health Benefits for Each Flavor” really makes understanding how what and why different tea blends can really help cure ailments.

Drinking more herbal tea daily should become part of clean eating goals and seems intelligent after learning about these health-promoting properties and herbal tea benefits.

Tea Drinking Health Benefits for Each Flavor - Natural Remedies - Healing - Homesteading

The health benefits of various herbal teas depend on their composition. Sometimes, this is just a single ingredient, while other times it is a combination of a few herbs and flowers. There are a lot of different types of herbal teas, but many have similar benefits.

Green Tea: treat bloating, allergies, acne, weight loss and helps prevent heart disease. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Chamomile Tea: beneficial for sleep, headaches, anxiety and bloating. (Buy It Here On Amazon)

Peppermint Tea: a remedy for bloating, nausea, PMS cramps, and bad breath. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Hibiscus Tea: best for lowering high blood pressure, promotes weight loss by reducing the body’s ability to absorb sugar and respiratory diseases. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Oolong Tea: promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Chai Tea: enhances immune system, fights inflammation and soothes the common cold. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Matcha Tea: burns off belly fat, immunity booster and body detoxifier. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Black Tea: treats anxiety, promotes weight loss and heals headaches. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

White Tea: Beneficial for reducing stress, promotes weight loss and detoxification. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Ginger Tea: has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents heartburns, calms an upset stomach, best for morning sickness due to pregnancy and calms a sore throat. (Buy It Here On Amazon)

Eucalyptus Tea: antibacterial properties and heals respiratory chest infections. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Cinnamon Tea: boosts immune system and increases mental focus. (Buy It Here On Amazon)

Dandelion Tea: has antibacterial treatment for bladder and kidney health, promotes strong bones and improves digestion. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Thyme Tea: an effective remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Spearmint Tea: treats colic in babies and toddlers and repels infections when used topically. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Jasmine Tea: decreases inflammation of veins and arteries. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Lemongrass Tea: helps lower blood pressure, relieve fluid retention, lowers cholesterol and reduces uric acid. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Hawthorn Tea: promotes proper digestion. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Feverfew Tea: reduces migraines, nausea, and vomiting. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Lemon Balm Tea: helps reduce insomnia and lessen agitation caused by Alzheimer’s disease. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

Marjoram Tea: helps manage diabetes by improving insulin tolerance. (Buy It Here On Amazon) 

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