GardeningTeaching Your Child the Love and Skill of Gardening

Teaching Your Child the Love and Skill of Gardening

As a homesteader, one of the greatest gifts is teaching your child the love and skill of gardening that will feed them for a lifetime. By getting them involved in the planting, growing and harvesting of the vegetables, they were able to instill the love of vegetables in the kids.

Teaching Your Child the Love and Skill of Gardening

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Regardless of what generation you belong to there is one thing that every generation has in common; children eating vegetables just tend not to mix. I am sure everyone has their very own stories about what they did as child to avoid having to eat their vegetables at dinner time. This left parents having to figure out interesting ways to get their kids to eat vegetables, as everyone knows they contain extremely valuable vitamins and minerals.

The article was written as a way to help guide other parents in techniques that the author has successfully used to teach their kids to love vegetables. Using the information inside the article, any parent can use it to teach their kids about growing and eating vegetables.

Benefits of reading the article Teach Your Child to Love Vegetables: Gardening with Children

● The article is written in a format that makes it easy to use understand

● It also includes a step by step guide on how to prepare, plant and grow plants

● The article includes several full color photos that depict several points of the article

These are the easiest vegetables to grow:

Swiss Chard
Sugar snap peas

Click here to read about teaching your child the love and skill of gardening:

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