DIY ProjectsTeenager builds LED Light Up Infinity Wood Table Project

Teenager builds LED Light Up Infinity Wood Table Project

This smart teenager builds LED light up infinity wood table project and he is cool enough to share how he did it.

Teenager builds LED Light Up Infinity Wood Table Project

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This is a simple table with a mirror and lights in the middle that gives the illusion that people are staring down a massive hole with no bottom. For those who have vertigo, don’t try it. But, for the creative builders, give it a shot. The table is made from two pieces. The top frame comes first. Come up with the sized legs of the table and drill in the holes to glue in the legs. The same goes with putting in the screws by making pocket holes for the four screws for each leg to put in. Put some color on the legs with some natural staining for a good, dark wooden shine.

Now, we go to the more complex part of the table: the wiring and mirror. Drill a hole through the inside of the frame for the lights to come in and out. The leg’s hole will go completely through to let the power cord run without being exposed and risking damage. Make another path big enough for the big power block to sit. Then, install the two-way mirror and, for its effect, hot glue the lights all around the inner edges over the mirror. Turn on the lights and the reflection will show.

Get a multi-color lighting scheme to make it even more radical and incredible for the table. For the top, also let natural staining be done so the entire table has that natural wood look. It is a nice table for the living room with some razzle-dazzle.

Click here to read about how this smart teenager builds LED light up infinity wood table project:

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