Raising LivestockHow To Tell If Homesteading Rabbits Are Pregnant

How To Tell If Homesteading Rabbits Are Pregnant

How to tell if homesteading rabbits are pregnant can help a homesteader take the proper steps to insure a healthy litter (kit).

How To Tell If Homesteading Rabbits Are Pregnant

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Just like humans, there are several signs to know if your rabbit is pregnant so that you can take the necessary steps. These signs may not be conclusive and you should not conclude with any of them but they should prompt you to conduct a reliable pregnancy test for your rabbit.

The first sign is that your doe may become moody. She will prefer to be by herself all the time. While others are somewhere, she will prefer to be elsewhere alone. She will even avoid you even when you are bringing her food. When she sees you she will run off. You may not take it seriously if it is just for a few hours. If she continues like that for more than 24 hours, it is likely that she is pregnant.

If she begins to dig holes, pull fur and even gather hay frantically, then she may be pregnant and preparing for the arrival of her babies. It means she is already preparing a safe and comfortable place for her babies.

While each of the signs are individually not enough to conclude, both of them together are more than adequate indication that your doe is expecting some young ones. To be sure, this write up teaches you how to palpate your doe to be certain that indeed there are some babies in there. It can be done any time after the 14th day of gestation so if you don’t feel anything in your first attempt, it could be that the gestation is not up to 14 days yet.

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