Ten Things Learned by Downsizing into a Tiny Home

This insightful look into the ten things learned by downsizing into a tiny home shares the personal journey of a brave woman who is focusing less on consumer goods and more on life’s experiences.

So many times we get to take a tour inside a tiny home through a series of pictures but honestly it is more interesting to hear about the knowledgeable experiences from people living the lifestyle. The daily struggles of living within such a small enclosed space, limiting material possessions and finding self sufficiency determination.

Ten Things Learned by Downsizing into a Tiny Home

moms by heart

“Once you have made the decision to design your own life, go against the herd, march to the beat of your own drum, and build the life of your dreams other people might get a little bit jealous because they’ve taken the safe, less rewarding route.” was once read in an article and stuck in the back of my mind.

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