Natural RemediesTen Ways To Treat Sciatica Back Pain Naturally

Ten Ways To Treat Sciatica Back Pain Naturally

These ten ways to treat sciatica back pain naturally to fight tingling, numbness, chronic pain and sometimes, muscle weakness. Typically, this pain can start from the buttocks, pelvis, legs, and continue down to the feet.

Ten Ways To Treat Sciatica Back Pain Naturally

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Sciatica is a relatively common condition that affects both men and women.

This chronic condition could be triggered by ordinary involuntary movements such as sneezing or coughing and can even get worse when you sit down for a prolonged period of time. Physically, sciatica may prove difficult to manage, however, there are several effective ways to naturally treat the condition. Here are 10 of them.

1. Moringa – the miracle tree of life. Moringa has proven to be very effective at treating and reducing pain. Its leaves contain over 46 different antioxidants and plenty of amino acids.

2. Reduce pain with Jamaica Dogwood. Rich in isoflavones, volatile oils, and tannins, Jamaica Dogwood has been extensively used to treat anxiety, acne, inflammation, insomnia and a significant number of pain-related complaints including toothaches, sciatica and migraines.

4. Apply Capsaicin topically on affected area to treat sciatica. Capsaicin is a powerful natural pain relief medicine that can only be found in chili peppers. There are many creams that contain this highly effective compound.

5. Get natural therapies with Valerian Root and Clove Oil.

6. Use white willow bark to effectively reduce your sciatica pain.

7. St. Johns Wort has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help relief sciatica pain when massaged into the area daily.

8. For an effective anti-inflammatory treatment for sciatica use Devils Claw.

9. Use essential oils to reduce sciatica inflammation, pain and tightness. Peppermint, black pepper, ginger, chamomile and lavender essential oils can also help relax your muscle.

3. For a more effective pain relief treatment, take 300mg of turmeric powder thrice daily after every meal. It helps to boost the absorption of curcumin (an effective anti-inflammatory agent for treating pain and inflammation) in the body.

10. Garlic contains high anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can effectively help to reduce sciatica back pain.

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