HomesteadingTent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

If you do your camping in a tent then you know how painful it can be if you don’t get every single pebble off the site you set the tent up on. A little campy has a great tip to solve that problem. Foam floor tiles. I have 2 sets of these that I use for my grand daughter. We have hardwood floors and she is just learning to walk and I needed them to protect her from all the falls she is taking while she learns.

Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

These are so perfect for that and since they just lay on the floor I can take them up when she has walking mastered. What a great use for them when I am done. These can go with the camping gear and make the tent nice and comfy when Hubby takes the grand sons camping. I would never have thought of it but I am glad I saw this before I got rid of them.

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