DIY ProjectsTerra Cotta Clay Pot Indoor Heater DIY Project

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Indoor Heater DIY Project

This terra cotta clay pot indoor heater diy project is a simple yet frugal way to supplement heat inside a single room that has ventilation.

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Indoor Heater DIY Project

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There is of course the old standby terra cotta clay pot. Terra cotta clay pots have none of the major failings of fireplaces or inserts. The heat does not go up the flue and stays in the home. There are no dangers in cooking and heating water.

Terra cotta pot heating does not create more work for the already overtaxed homesteader. The owner does not have to clean the accumulated soot out of a chimney or face the potential of a fire that consumes or severely damages their home.

Materials List:

1x clay pot 37cm

2x clay pot 25cm

1 x pot saucer 37cm

6 x clay pot feet

1x nut roof style about 10 cm

2 x butterfly nut

3x washers same hole size as the bolt( M6 )

Those of us who have dedicated ourselves and our life styles to self sufficiency and providing all of the necessities and comforts of “modern” life for ourselves without the interference of government, business, or environmental destruction have tried several methods of producing heat.

Heat is a necessity and has been since man first made fire. Your need for heat depends in part on the variety of the weather cycle that you experience. Heat provides the means for cooking, heating water for bathing and washing clothes, and producing other forms of energy.

British ingenuity with a bit of help from ancient Middle Eastern low tech heat engineering has produced the least expensive, safest, and most efficient heater that has ever been known. The device can be made from common materials that cost less than $25. It only costs eight pennies a day to run this incredible heater.

Complete instructions and a parts list are below. The design is the key to safer and more efficient cooking and heat.

Click here to read about how to assemble a terra cotta clay pot indoor heater diy project:


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Melissa Francis
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