The Easy Way To Sight In Your Bow


          Here is an easier method of sighting in your bow. Instead of making groupings of shots and loads of adjustments to try for that perfect shot Archery Report walks you through adjusting horizontally and vertically instead of the group shot. Judging from the last target this method seems to work really well.

   If you are out on weekends practicing why not  Build Your Own Practice Range and be sure to include some fun targets like a Floating Ping Pong Ball Archery Target DIY Project. Once you have your range built then you can grab some of these Printable Free Shooting Targets and practice till you are a perfect shot. So now you can build your range, add fun targets, print some targets to shoot at and sight in your bow so you will be ready when hunting season comes.

     If you have ever thought about a bow as protection or for providing food you might want to check out The Take Down Survival Bow & Arrow: 6 Reasons You Should Consider Owning One.

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